Upcoming Events

Teleconference Workshop:  “Tweet Yourself To Success!”

Learn to use Twitter in this class to enhance your marketing and attract your ideal clientele in 30 days!

Only $29.00 for four weekly sessions

There’s no need to travel, because the sessions are conducted by phone.  Can’t commit to a specific time each week?  No need; the calls will be recorded for your scheduling flexibility.

Call for details: 616-813-8601


FREE Teleconference:  “Dealing with the Traits of ADD/ADHD”

You are invited to join us for a free monthly phone conference.  In an effort to help educate interested individuals, each month we focus on one of the challenges of ADD/ADHD.  We discuss how ADDers are impacted and some strategies they might use to deal with it.  It’s a great opportunity!

For more information or to JOIN US on the call