One Huge Takeaway You Can Get from Working with a Professional Coach

Our coaching retreat offered a surprising concept that can help you succeed in your business or personal life.

My recent experience reconfirmed the power of coaching for me.  I just got back from a weeklong retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan with our ADHD COACHING EMPOWERS team of coaches.  In addition to enjoying the beautiful sunsets, the focus of the daily work sessions was branding and business building.  I know: BORRRRING!

Lake Michigan Sunset

Lake Michigan Tranquility

But as a part of the process, we each traded daily coaching sessions.  I have always been a believer that coaching helps you move forward with whatever you are working on. Most people “meet” with their coach once a week over the phone and it’s effective in clarifying goals, breaking down obstacles, and creating motivation. (Click here for a more comprehensive list of coaching topics.)  It’s time well spent because it saves the wasted time and money of following a trial and error method and of going it alone.

At our Lake Michigan retreat, we started each day off with a 30-45 minute coaching session.  Each of us would bring an issue related to what we were working on that day and we took turns coaching each other.  Part of the purpose was to sharpen our coaching skills in compliance with industry (ICF) standards.  But the effect was to move each person forward with a new awareness and an intensity that I had not experienced before.

Much is made of how coaching can help one create goals, set priorities, or break through personal blocks.  But an outcome that even surprised me from our marathon coaching sessions was the focused energy I felt.

So besides the beautiful Lake Michigan sunsets, I left the retreat with one clear, lasting and important takeaway:  Being coached by a well-trained professional is energizing!


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  1. Great article about how coaching works! I still have all the momentum going built up on this trip!

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