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One Huge Takeaway You Can Get from Working with a Professional Coach

Our coaching retreat offered a surprising concept that can help you succeed in your business or personal life. My recent experience reconfirmed the power of coaching for me.  I just got back from a weeklong retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan with our ADHD COACHING EMPOWERS team of coaches.  In addition to enjoying the […]

Distractions: The Double-edged Sword of Attention Deficit Disorder

There are Strategies to Help Control your Focus and Attention that Everyone Can Use As almost everyone is aware, people who have Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, struggle with being easily distracted.  That’s what the syndrome is by definition: attention deficit.  But fewer seem to realize that the challenge is really a difficulty regulating attention; […]

REVEALED: Jerry’s Seinfeld’s Secret to Getting More Done

Find Out How Jerry Seinfeld Increases his Consistency, Momentum, and Efficiency Adam exercises every day. His apartment is always clean, neat and tidy. He has completed more projects in the last 60 days than he did in all of 2011. How does he do it? He finally decided to give Jerry Seinfeld’s Personal Productivity Secret […]