ADD/ADHD Coaching

What is ADD/ADHD Coaching?

ADD/ADHD Coaches use all the skills and go through all the training that regular Life Coaches experience.  But they also have received specialized training in working with the strengths and challenges that people with ADD/ADHD deal with, recognizing that ADD impacts different people in different ways.  In other words, ADHD Coaching is a specialized type of Life Coaching that uses specific techniques geared toward working with the unique brain chemistry of individuals with attention deficit disorder.

Some of the challenges that ADDers work on with an ADD/ADHD Coach include prioritization, organization, procrastination, hyperfocus, time insensitivity, poor memory, or distractibility.  Also, they may want help with impulsivity, anxiety, “all or nothing” thinking, overwhelm, or incomplete projects.

However, just as important as working on the challenges is recognizing and reinforcing the ADDer’s strengths, such intuition, ability to see the big picture, visionary thinking, and creativity.

These are some of the things you should expect when working with a certified coach. Your ADD/ADHD Coach . . .

. . . should have been received his education at an academy certified to instruct coaches in the complexities of Attention Deficit Disorder.

. . . should be aware of the issues ADDers deal with and have strategies to help one take advantage of strengths and learn to cope with or conquer the challenges.

. . . should provide a different perspective, helping ADDers stay on track, moving foward toward their goals and balancing their tendencies to see too much of the negative in their own actions.

. . . should have assessments, tips, tools and strategies to help individuals understand their own ADD and learn how to deal with it more effectively.

. . . should make you feel supported in your journey of  personal growth, as he provides the structures that ADDers need to survive and thrive.

If you are impacted by ADD/ ADHD or are close to someone who is, you will find it extremely important to learn more about how an ADD/ADHD Coach can help.  Please email me for more information.


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